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Ramadhan Projects – Summary

October 8, 2009

As you may be aware, Deen was involved in a number of projects during the month of Ramadhan. As the projects have now come to an end, here is a quick summary of how they went:

Help the Needy Project

A food drive for the homeless and destitute.

The aim of this project was to get as much community involvement to help those who are homeless.

Food was collected for two organisations;

  1. PAFRAS – Providing Aid for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (Leeds)
  2. M25 (Doncaster)

Alhamdulillah, with your help a great amount of food was collected. Both PAFRAS and M25 expressed their gratitude for the donations, especially as during recent time donations have been fairly low (due to the economic situation).

This project demonstrates how little effort it takes to make such a difference. Jazakum’Allah khayr to all those that got involved.

Ramadhan Da’wah Packs Project

Distribution of da’wah packs to Muslims in need

Dawah pack 3

Approximately fifty da’wah packs consisting of a Qur’an, a prayer mat, a dua book, a miswak stick and dates were put together to distribute to different organisations working with Muslims. We managed to distribute a number of packs to Hillside induction Centre (Leeds) and M25 (Doncaster).

Eid Gift Box Project

Making gift boxes for children supported by HHUGS

Eid Boxes 1

I remembered a project that I once did when I was in school. Everyone was asked to wrap a shoe box and fill it with small gifts to be given to children…for Christmas.

We decided to do the same thing. We asked all involved to wrap a shoe box and fill it with gifts to be given to children … for Eid.

Masha’Allah, the amount of people that got involved in this project was amazing. I would like to especially mention the Doncaster massive 🙂 who, had we taken on more children would have had no problem in making the boxes. Also a big thank you to AlMaghrib’s Qabeelat al-Mass for getting involved.

Together we managed to make over 60 boxes. That’s over 60 smiling children!! May Allah accept it from us.

What next?

Plans for the future and how you can get involved

It is only by the mercy of Allah and through YOUR involvement that these projects were successful.  Jazakum’Allah khayr to all those who have been in involved and supported us.

Ramadhan was very busy time for us all here at Deen, and though the blessed month may have ended, but we still have a lot planned over the coming months. I can tell you there are some very exciting events to look forward to. Watch this space…!!

If you would like to get involved with Deen, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Volunteer – If you would like to volunteer for our upcoming projects, email us.
  • Make dua – That Allah grants us the tawfiq to make a difference and carry on being active in the community, and that He makes us sincere in our intention and accepts it from us. (Say amin! :))
  • Donate – Deen is a non for profit organisation. All money donated goes straight into funding the projects and events that we carry out throughout the year.

Help the Needy

August 4, 2009

Help the Needy

This is a project aimed at helping the most vulnerable of in our community.

There will be two phases to the project:


We will make smooth for him the path of ease

August 4, 2009

Homeless 2

One of the core messages of the Qur’an is that of giving and taking care of those less fortunate than ourselves.  This is theme that comes up time and time again especially in the Makkan surahs, where Allah is emphasising the importance of taking care of the needy.

To highlight this importance look in Surah al-Ma’un, Allah condemns those who deny the Day of Recompense. But who exactly is being condemned? Are they those who don’t believe in the Oneness of Allah? Are they those that deny the Qur’an? No, rather it is those that don’t look after the orphans and don’t encourage the feeding of the poor.

Have you seen the one who denies the Recompense?

For that is the one who drives away the orphan

And does not encourage the feeding of the poor

[Surah al-Ma’un, 107:1-3]

When was the last time we fed the poor? How easily these verses could apply to us!

Time and time again Allah is telling us to look after the needy, feed the poor etc. These are surahs we recite everyday,  yet we find that we Muslims are rarely involved in such social services.