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Ramadhan Projects 2010

September 20, 2010

The start of Ramadhan signals an increase in activity over here at Deen. Last year we managed to organise a number of different projects and alhamdulillah this year we again kept ourselves busy. Here is a brief summary of what’s been going on this Ramadhan.

Ramadhan Packs and Food Drive

Alhamdulillah we managed to continue some of last years projects with the distribution of 17 Ramadhan packs to Asylum Seekers in Sheffield  as well as a food drive for M25 Housing & Support Group. Jazakum’Allah khayr to the YM’s for their support!

Cards to Aafia

As Muslims we should always remember the plight of our brothers and sisters around the world, in particular the case of Aafia Siddiqui who is currently imprisoned in the USA. A number of postcards (from JFAC) were send to her, with Eid greetings and messages of support. A shout out to JFAC for their great work.

* Sister Aafia is due to be sentenced on 23rd September. Please, please remember her in your duas.

Young Muslimahs Iftar

The Young Muslimahs annual Iftar, a chance for all the girls to get together and open their fast.  They also wrote postcards for sister Aafia, with some very heartfelt messages!

Pakistan Floods Appeal Fundraising

We’ve all seen the devastating affects of the floods in Pakistan. Alhamdulillah many Deen members were involved in various fundraising efforts, from spontaneous bake sales and car boots, to fundraising at the masjid. In total we managed to raise almost £1,000!

Also jazakum’Allah khayr to all those who volunteered/contributed to/attended the fundraiser organised by CVS. A massive £2,500 was raised!

* Remember that the people of Pakistan are still in dire need; therefore please continue to donate generously!

A big jazakum’Allah khayr to all those who have supported our work. May Allah accept it from you and us!


Weekend Activities

May 11, 2009

As salaamu alaykum

Subhan’Allah what a busy weekend for Deen Doncaster!

Saturday: The Juzz Amma Challenge Launch Day!

A massive jazakum’Allah khayr to all those who attended. To all the aunties for listening attentively, to all the oldies for sitting patiently even though you didn’t understand a word of what we were saying and to everyone else in between. 😀

Also, a big shout out to all the Deen members who spent ages making the Juzz Amma packs. May Allah reward you for all your efforts and may it act as a sadaqah jariyah for you guys. A LOT of time and effort went into those packs and aren’t they just so amazingly cool? I am so impressed!

Everyone showed such enthusiasm for the challenge, it really made me proud! I hope insha’Allah that it has motivated you to memorise Juzz Amma. I would encourage you all to get started as soon as possible. Don’t procrastinate. Go memorise… now!

The first drop in session will be on Friday from 5.00 – 6.30pm at Doncaster Women’s Centre. Please try and attend as this is when everyone will be buddied up.

Also don’t forget to leave comments to let us know how you are getting along. Imagine your comment could encourage someone else and so you will be sharing in that reward.

Sunday: The Lakeside Adventure

The Lakeside - Isn't it big?

Sunday 11:00am: We set off around the lake, for a gruelling FOUR rounds!

The young ones were hyped and at times uncontrollable, but thanks to our child warden, with her oh so cool whistle (that she stole 😉 ) and our child minder rounder upper (how’s that for a job title?) who had to run after the odd kid who tried to make a break for it, we managed (Or should I say they cos I didn’t do much myself)

The weather was perfect and the company was great (though there was some bullying going on ;)). The little ones ran, sang, hopped, jumped and skipped around the lake. The rest of us just strolled along.

Lunch time came, we enjoyed a nice picnic and then back around we went for the final two laps. By the end we we’re all exhausted but it didn’t matter because we all made it to the finishing line alhamdulillah!

To the totally cool Young Muslimahs – May Allah reward you for your hard work. You guys raised SO much money, I can’t believe it! You totally rock dudes!

Jazakum’Allah khayr to all that took part, making it a really fun and enjoyable day.

Lakeside Adventure!

April 7, 2009


Young Muslimahs are doing a sponsored walk on Sunday 10th May at The Lake, Doncaster.

The plan: to complete four circuits around the lake. If you’re up for a challenge and  would like to join us then come along. All are welcome!

Download: Sponsorship Form

For more information email us

The Bake Sale: How did we do?

March 15, 2009

As salaamu alaykum

Just wanted to let you know that Deen managed to raise a massive £96.75 at yesterday’s bake sale.

A huge jazakum’Allah khayr to all those who baked, sold and ate for the sake of charity! [Without mentioning any names a special thanks to our resident baker,  who baked lots of delicious cakes  – a pro! And also,  the little one, who despite being a complete slacker, helped out tremendously. Please make lots of dua for them both :)]

All money raised will be sent to Gaza via Islamic Relief

For all those who missed out on the event, please do get involved with Deen.

“Sometimes we have the opportunity to do good, but we do not have the ability. Other times we have the ability to perform good, but don’t have the opportunity.”

[Taken from Tayibaat]

I think that everyone has some sort of ability to do good, but opportunities are more rare. So if there comes to you a chance to earn some serious ajr, take it! Remember that whatever chances you do get won’t ever come again. So if you’ve missed it, you truly have missed it!

…and tawfiq is only from Allah.

Doncaster Bake Sale

March 8, 2009

Bake sale for Gaza

As many of you probably know, we have been doing some fundraising in Doncaster for Gaza. We had a bake sale on Tuesday 3rd March, Stop the War organised a meeting at Danum Hotel where we were allowed to sell our cakes. The girls at ‘Young Muslimahs’ were very excited about this and designed some posters for the day, including the one above!

We raised £39.41 on the day!

A huge THANK YOU to all those who baked, help out on the day, and contributed! Also a special thank you to the girls who made the posters!

Including the 2 car boot sales and some donations, our grand total came to £350, Alhamdulillah! This was sent to Gaza through Islamic Relief yesterday.

JazakAllah Khair to all those who helped and supported Deen!


Bake Sale

March 6, 2009

As salaamu alaykum

Harehills Stop the War Coalition are have a special meeting:

Racism, Liberty and the ‘War on Terror’

Date: Saturday 14th March

Time: 2.30pm

Venue: Bangladeshi Centre, Roundhay Road, Leeds 8

Speakers: Moazzam Begg (ex-Guantanamo Detainee) and others.


Deen will be having a bake sale at the meeting; all money raised will go to charity (Gaza Appeal). If you’re a dab hand at baking and would like to contribute to the stall or if would like to help out on the day please get in touch – either leave a comment and I will get back to you or email

Otherwise, just come along and enjoy an afternoon of delicious home baked cakes and buns and what is bound to be an excellent talk by brother Moazzam.

Jazakum’Allah khayr.

Little Companions of Palestine

March 5, 2009


IslamBradford have launched an excellent project that aims to raise awareness and money for the Palestinian people.

The project is directed towards the younger members of the community by including a competition and a chance to win some great prizes, so get involved!

For more information and how to participate, visit the IslamBradford website