Lyrical Art Winners!

Not only did the Young Muslimah’s poem get chosen as a finalist, but they went on to win, Alhamdulillah!

Farah, Ai-sha & Humaira wrote a poem earlier in the year about the wives of the Prophet Muhammad (salallahu alayhi wa salam). We entered it in a Lyrical Art competition with the theme of Sahabah, being hosted by Ammar al-Shukry and Boonaa Mohammed. They got chosen as one of the 12 finalists, and went onto win the competition.

All the other finalists were amazing, and we were amongst some very talented people. This in itself was a huge achievement for the Young Muslimahs.

JazakAllah khair to everyone involved in Lyrical Art. Especially to Ammar al-Shukry and Boonaa Mohammed who inspired our class to write poetry…

We hope to hear some new poetry from you soon girls, keep up the good work!


2 Responses to “Lyrical Art Winners!”

  1. Farah Says:


  2. Sam Says:

    Mashallah sisters 😛 xx

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