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Our own nasheed

April 13, 2010

Salaam everyone! 

I was thinking on some other ideas on writing a naat for the little girls on the concert day, i need some help though. I wanted to do some think easy a bit like, “I look I See” so plz could you put some ideas down and let me know. I have no idea were i got this idea from but i just thought it would be nice to do a naat that we worked on as a team.



“That’s not Hijab” – Ummah Films, Season 2

April 13, 2010

Hi its me again get some real good ideas from video for our fashion show e.g. mickey mouse. I put it up so we all can watch it too make our fashion show real cool and so we all can start practising our parts. The funny thing is our parents having to watch us do a catwalk up and down the living room rehearsing  is quiet funny.

xxxxx ENJOY!