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Ayatul Kursi – Mishary Rashid

June 13, 2009


The Four Quls – Mishary Rashid

June 13, 2009


June 11, 2009

Get learning girls, not long to go now 🙂

Qur’an For All – Dr Farhat Hashmi

June 8, 2009

Quran for all

I would like to share with you an excellent website to aid you in your hifdh.

It is the website of Dr Farhat Hashmi, the founder of Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation.

The website has a number of resources, including audios to help you in your recitation and hifdh. It also includes a section on the tafsir (explanation) of the surahs as well as audios regarding other Islamic topics such as hadith and seerah.

As Dr Farhat is of indo-pak background the audios are in Urdu, but the hifdh ones are still useful for non-Urdu speakers.

I encourage you all to take some time and listen to some of the stuff. Especially if you are finding difficulty in your memorisation.  Masha’Allah it really is very good.

Young Muslimahs Performance

June 4, 2009

YM's Perfomance 2

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